C&O Edge

What is EDGE?

Welcome to Edge! You will soon discover what it means to be on the leading Edge of emerging trends. This powerful category management tool will not only help you replenish your inventory accurately and efficiently, but it will also provide meaningful category management information during the ordering process.

You will discover tools and information to help you make smarter business decisions about the inventory you are carrying. Edge will help you identify poor performing SKU's (LOQ-last order quantity and LOD-last order date) and make suggestions for new or more relevant products.

You will learn how easy it is to watch the trends and performance of each SKU during the ordering process without having to be tethered to a desk. You will also find great value in Edge's ability to check-in an order. The Check-In feature ensures accuracy and streamlines the credit request process. You will quickly identify any discrepancies in your order and are given immediate options to start the credit return process.

The Edge device is based on the Android operation system. It's very similar to a phone.

The use of this device only requires Internet access to sign-in to your account and to synchronize data. All other functions can be used without the Internet. The device can be configured to use wireless Internet or wired Internet using the Edge cradle.

There is NO SOFTWARE and NO PERSONAL COMPUTER needed to use the device. Simply provide an Internet connection and you'll be ready to start saving time and money!

Step up to the Edge and experience how this powerful category management tool will help you build a stronger business!


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