Contact Information

Chambers & Owen, Inc.
1733 Morse Street
P.O. Box 2348
Janesville, WI 53547-2348

phone: (800) 236-3338
fax: (800) 236-3126

Title Name Extension
President John K. Owen Ext 226 Email
Vice President Paul Owen Ext 222 Email
Vice President of Business Affairs Chad Owen Ext 286 Email
Vice President of Sales Rick Tomten Ext 243 Email
Vice President of Operations Mike Sullivan Ext 238 Email
Vice President of Marketing Lynn Marshall Ext 237 Email
Chief Financial Officer Al Ruchti Ext 247 Email
Information Systems Jeff Ezdon Ext 219 Email
Human Resource Director Jennifer Ezdon Ext 239 Email
Accounts Receivable Department Rick Powers Ext 244 Email
Accounts Receivable Department Jayson Briggs Ext 203 Email
Director of Purchasing Keith Hartman Ext 234 Email
Director of Trade Relations Randy Castegnaro Ext 217 Email
Senior Sales Manager Dana Palm Ext 294 Email
Merchandising Manager Keith Smith Ext 268 Email
Sales Coordinator John Harnack Ext 216 Email
PO Box 2348, 1733 Morse Street, Janesville, WI 53547-2348 Phone (800) 236-3338